But I'm Chris Jericho!

In this tongue-in-cheek portrayal of his life, Chris Jericho is a former wrestler struggling to make it big as an actor.

E1 | 8:32

Star Crusaders, Ahoy!

Frustrated with his role in Star Crusaders, Chris gets help from a superfan.

E2 | 8:25

Finders Keepers

After losing the script for a Hollywood blockbuster, Chris scrambles to save his big break from being, y'know, broken.

E3 | 7:59

Peace Out

Chris unwittingly lands himself in hot water after rejecting a Canadian Peacemonger's invitation to a dance.

E4 | 7:57

Hey, Wassip?!

Chris and Michelle are guests on one of the hottest radio shows around. It's also one of the most obnoxious.

E5 | 9:58

The Legend Of Randy McGloin

Chris and Tony embark on a drug-fueled nightmare with an eccentric billionaire producer. Guest star: Kevin McDonald.

E6 | 9:13

Fiery Crash

Now that he has his own show, Chris becomes a huge a-hole on the set of Star Crusaders. Until he gets a call...

E1 | 7:35

Sausage and Eggs

Chris makes a bet with Ryan that he can keep his cool, but Ryan's house guest makes it next to impossible.

E2 | 6:13


With pirate casting going on in the next room, Chris has trouble focusing in his dramatic audition.

E3 | 6:32

Celebrity with the Stars

Phil presents Chris multiple reality show offers, leaving Chris with a difficult decision to make.

E4 | 10:41

Acting Class

Chris and Ryan take an acting class by one of the world's most unknown actors: AJ Mirkin.

E5 | 7:56

Who's that Girl?

Chris hits on a girl in a casting house waiting room with unexpected results.

E6 | 7:53

The Knockout

Chris's hot date is accidentally knocked out with a folding chair to the head. The gang then try and figure out how to wake her up.

E7 | 8:21

Actor Off

Chris is going up against famed actor Clark Cooper for the lead in a TV series, and has to deal with the mind games actors play on each other while waiting to audition.

E8 | 4:49

Anytime Minutes

Chris visits his agent Phil, who has some great news. Could this be his big break?

E9 | 7:31


Chris has come down with the worst fever ever. Fortunately (or unfortunately) Dr. Chad is on call.

E10 | 7:46

PSA'ed Off

Chris's agent Phil hooks up a meeting with a director who wants to put Chris in his next PSA. Chris reluctantly agrees to it due to the director's circumstances, but soon wishes he REALLY didn't.